Summer Home Maintenance

Cool & Comfortable

Before the weather heats up, take a few minutes to check your central air conditioner. Inspect the outdoor condenser unit and remove any weeds, grass, or debris that’s built up around it since last summer. Turn on the air conditioning and make sure the unit is cooling properly. If you notice anything unusual, contact a professional and schedule a service call.

Re-adjust the registers in your home to rezone the house for summer cooling. Take notice of any excess humidity in the house and lower level. You may need to run a dehumidifier during humid summer days.

Appliance Maintenance Tips

Summer is also the ideal time to make sure your appliances are in working order. We’ve prepared a quick list of tips and reminders to help you keep everything working properly.

  • Replace your furnace filter
  • Check your hot water heater for mineral buildup and drain / refill if needed
  • Check and clean your interior exhaust fans
  • Clean your range and space saver/hood filters
  • Test the operation of GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) circuits in the garage and any exterior locations
  • Check any inline water filters and replace them if needed

At K.A. Witt, we know your home is more than an investment; it’s the center of your family life.  Following these simple maintenance steps will give you peace of mind and keep everyone enjoying all summer in Minnesota has to offer.

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K.A. Witt Staff 03-Jun-2013
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